Numbers are about challenges and dreams. Challenges to fulfill the dreams mostly for ourselves. Especially in diving the failure in fulfilling a dream has almost always tragic consequences. We always have looked for numbers presented here in actual, updated and concise form. For the first time we can find them in one place where length and depth of the nature is confronted with human determination. Thanks to all divers we can carry on with presenting and documenting the challenges the bravest amongst us had undertaken.

Since 2009 we have tried hard to combine all available sources to create the ultimate lists of the deepest scuba dives ever. The lists – the deepest sinkholes (Sinkholes), the deepest scuba dives under 200 m (200), the deepest cave dives under 100 m (Caves) are constantly updated. The backbone of the lists we have published was data gathered over the time by Martyn Farr, Nuno Gomes, Bret Gilliam and Caver Bob. We filled the blanks with places, dates and christian names and divided what was already available into three sortable tables. Once “the longest” became also important we linked Caver Bob resources.

We try to verify the data we gather taking into account computer measurements, video clips and reports by independent witnesses. If any result is doubtful we search for inconsistencies in available data and seek advise from divers with proven record. That’s probably why our list is not consistent with Wiki. In case of ultimate achievements we think that once the world record is beaten not only the pretender has to prove its claim using preferably Guinness World Record standards but also the new record should be recognized by the diver who held it before. Once it’s done, there is not much room for false claims.